Tourism Valemount


Valemount is bursting with local flavour. Discover unique bites and brews in the Robson Valley

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Grab a lunch box to go before heading into the hills for an epic day of sledding. Spend an evening getting cozy by the fireside at the quiet Cranberry Lounge. Relax in the rustic comfort of a log restaurant after a day spent snowshoeing . Be our guest, and let Valemount serve you. We can serve you your ideal meal cooked under the stars and roasted over an open fire. Should you prefer, we have quaint, family-owned restaurants to calm those hunger pangs. Valemount has something to suit almost every mood and every taste.

We’re a casual group here, so no need to dress up. You’ll find gourmet — sometimes in the most unexpected places — in the Robson Valley. Our chefs have come from all over the world, drawn here by our spectacular scenery and quiet hospitality.

Valemount’s Top Culinary Experiences

  1. Let the warmth of the log building envelope you and the delicious fragrance of wild salmon tantalize your taste buds at The Caribou Grill
  2. Grab a heaping plate of poutine from the Funky Goat mobile food truck and eat your meal alfresco, awed by the mountains that surround the village
  3. Grab a flight of beer in the tasting room at Three Ranges Brewing Co., and debate your favourite choice with your closest friends
  4. Sink into the Schnitzel at the Valemount Swiss Bakery
  5. Dig into freshly made local goods at The Valemount Farmer’s Market. Pick up a pie, or a jar of homemade jam

Need To Know

  • The Valemount Farmer’s Market runs on Thursday afternoons from June – September
  • The Funky Goat can be found at 1222 5th Ave. from noon to 8 p.m. On extremely cold days, the Goat will be closed