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Hungry? For a small village, Valemount is bursting with local flavour. Discover unique bites and brews in the Robson Valley

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Grab a lunch box to go before heading into the hills for an epic day of sledding. Spend an evening getting cozy by the fireside at the quiet Cranberry Lounge. Relax after a day spent snowshoeing in the rustic comfort of a log restaurant. Be our guest, and let Valemount serve you. Whether your ideal meal is cooked under the stars and roasted over an open fire, or served to you at a quaint, family-owned restaurant, Valemount has something to suit every mood and every taste bud.

We’re a casual group here, so no need to dress up. You’ll find gourmet — sometimes in the most unexpected places — in the Robson Valley, where our chefs have come from all over the world, drawn here by our spectacular scenery and quiet hospitality.