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Let the mountains move you in Valemount, a quiet mountain town in British Columbia’s North Thompson Valley in the Thompson-Okanagan Region.

Making a Splash in Valemount with Gentle Float Trips and Whitewater Rafting

Whether it’s a smoking hot day or the clouds are covering the sky, rafting is a fun and exciting way to experience the Robson Valley. Mount Robson Whitewater Rafting Co. (Robson) and Stellar Descents Whitewater Rafting (Stellar) offer a variety of trips from gentle floats suitable for the whole family, to Class 4 whitewater trips.

For visitors and locals who would like to enjoy a more laid back pace, Robson offers a gentle float with amazing views of the famous Mount Robson. Further down the Fraser, Stellar gentle float delves into the rich history of the area. Take comfort knowing that you are safe in the hands of your skilled guide. Since there is no chance of getting wet (much unlike whitewater rafting), you can wear whatever clothing is comfortable under your PFD (life jacket).

On the opposite side of the spectrum, there are multiple Whitewater options. Stellar and Robson run a section of the Fraser that will certainly pump some adrenaline through you. When whitewater rafting, it is almost impossible to stay completely dry. Thankfully, the rafting companies supply you with wetsuits to keep you nice and warm, helmets and PFD to keep you safe. A bathing suit is my recommended piece of clothing to wear under a wetsuit. If you’ve never put a wetsuit on, they are a little tricky to squeeze into at first, but once suited up, they are really quite comfortable.

While waiting at the launchpad and listening to the safety chat, my heartbeat always seems to pickup. Excitement and nervousness wash over me. Then, before you know it, we are in the water paddling downriver. All my nervousness is replaced with exhilaration as we careen over rapids, the cool crisp water occasionally splashing up over me. The only sounds I am tuned into are the commands from our trusted guide, the roar of the mighty river, and the happy screams and giggles from my boatmates.

The Robson Valley is a mecca for whitewater rafting, and I can’t wait until my daughter meets the requirements to go on the whitewater trips. While the float trips are a whole family affair, whitewater rafting has some requirements that must be met. Generally, a person must be 90 lbs or more, over 10 years old, and reasonably fit to participate in a whitewater trip.

If the Fraser River doesn’t sound like a wild enough ride for you, Stellar offer two more rafting trips spanning two different rivers. The Dore and the Beaver are two different whitewater trips with Class 4 rapids that will surely take your breath away. Subject to water levels, these seasonal rivers are a thrill seeker’s dream come true.


ruby and her team get ready to hit the rapids on the mighty fraser with stellar descents Whitewater rafting
Hitting UP the rapids!
Getting ready to head back after a great trip on the fraser River
gentle float trip on the fraser river with stellar descents whitewater rafting
one of the many BEAUTIFUL views from the float trip

Published on August 14, 2020