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Let the mountains move you in Valemount, a quiet mountain town in British Columbia’s North Thompson Valley in the Thompson-Okanagan Region.

Riding the Valemount Mountain Bike Park

No matter where you’re from, I’m sure you’ve heard whispers of it in your local bike shop, while grabbing a coffee or a pint. Spanning across two local mountains, through one small valley, and with two forest service roads for access, it’s certainly a sight to behold: the Valemount Bike Park.

Valemount offers exceptional variety with its pristine flow trails, a unique jump line, gorgeous rock work, challenging wooden features, and the odd technical hand built trail. Guaranteed, you will be leaving saying, “I wish I had more time.”

Crossing the tracks and heading up 5 mile road will bring you to the staging area for the downhill park. At main staging you will find ample parking, a small kids practice area, and access to the main climbing trail on this side of the mountain named “CBT’s Munday Grind.” Its name references the Columbia Basin Trust who is a major funder in the VBP and Phyllis B Munday who was the first woman to climb Mount Robson. The climbing trail is a great way to kick up your cardio. At the end of your effort you’ll be faced with your next challenge: which trail to choose after your hard work.

If self-shuttling, you have the choice to do drop-offs at lower, mid, or top of the mountain. Mid and lower mountain have various different options for green, blue, and black trails.

In the warm summer months, one might want to travel all the way up to the end of the road where you will find amazing valley views and a variety of blue and black trails like “High Roller”. Many a time, I’ve heard visitor’s refer to High Roller as the “A-Line of the North”. If jumping isn’t your style, there is a blue trail named “the Craig” that offers another rad way down from the top of the mountain. There is currently no green route from upper mountain.

Peak Shuttles, the local shuttle rig has recently announced that they will be offering shuttles Friday-Sunday and holidays. The shuttle is weather-dependant and it’s best to follow their Facebook page for the most recent updates. Punch passes go for $20 which will get you to the top of the mountain twice, or 4 mid mountain drops. Members of the bike park get an extra 1/2 lap! You can become a member on www.ridevalemount.com

Another perk about riding weekends is the iced coffees and scones that you can find from the VALE coffee food truck that parks at staging Friday-Sunday. I can’t think of a better way to cool down or perk up than a freshly roasted coffee or homemade treat.

For those who like to cross-country pedal, the community has recently opened up a whole new section of mountain on the other side of Swift Creek. Access from town by peddling along Swift Creek (opposite side of the creek to the Golden Year’s Senior lodge) or by driving down the end of Main Street to what the locals call “Von Zuben” and then hanging a right at Swift Mountain Road. Since this area has newly been opened, signage is still in the works. TrailForks offers the most accurate descriptions of trails. The cross country area is accessible from the downhill parking lot via the “Northern Traverse” bike trail.

The VBP has some great family-friendly downhill trails for the kiddos like “Trapline”, “Truck Yeah”, “Bacon” and the soon to open “Tyrannosaurus Rock”. Hand brakes and riding experience are recommended. “The Green Mile” on the Swift Mountain side of the valley (#45 on the bike park map) is a perfect in/out for young new riders.

If in need of gear, a repair, or a rental, “District Bicycle Company” on 5th Avenue and “Bikes and Bites” on Main St. are the two local bike shops. For a unique ride, rent one of the 2 or 4 person pedal trolleys from District and tour the town.

For the most-up-to-date information, follow the “Valemount Bike Park” on Facebook. Whatever your fancy, I’m sure you won’t walk away from here disappointed.

Andreas’ trail
High Roller
Swift Creek Trail
trapline trail

Published on July 13, 2021