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Nordic Skiing & Snowshoeing

Peace. It’s what you Feel as the wind caresses your face as you take stride after stride, making fresh cuts in the snow on your cross-country skis or snowshoes.

Make Your Own Tracks

Listen. Hear the birds call as the sound of your own heartbeat thrums a melody in your chest. Nordic skiing and snowshoeing make you feel so alive. There are hundreds of opportunities for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, but none are wrapped up in as pretty a package as you’ll find right here in Valemount.

Snow blankets us from mid-November to April and sometimes beyond, burying the streams and brooks and capping off the majestic mountain peaks leaving a serene wilderness waiting to be explored. Join a group of locals and watch the day turn to night. Ski through the moonlight, letting the romance of the moment paint an unforgettable picture in your mind’s eye.

cross country skiing in valemount
Beginner friendly cross-country trail network

Whatever you wear — cross-country skis or snowshoes — there is no limit to where you can go and what you can do next; in Valemount, the only limit is time. If you run out of time this year don’t worry, there’s always next season.

Two Skis and a Heartbeat – Nordic Skiing at its Best

Push your endurance or take it easy.  Spend an hour or spend a day, or a week, exploring the Robson Valley by cross-country skis. Try the wide-open easy trails of Jackman Flats and Camp Creek that are groomed by the Yellowhead Outdoor Recreation Association (YORA). You’ll find easy loops for beginners paired with hilly stretches. You’ll feel positively giddy on the long, exhilarating way down. Go on an overnight trip and stay at Hermit Thrush Cabin, Swift Creek Cabins or the Dave Henry Lodge. Both Swift Creek and Dave Henry Lodge can only be accessed by helicopter.

Whatever your skill and whatever your fitness level, stop and appreciate the quiet beauty reflected in the Cariboo and Rocky Mountain Ranges that rise up to greet you. Get out of the ruts and carve your own path at Tête Jaune. Slice through the snow and wind along the trails around Cranberry Marsh. Marvel at the brilliant scenes that unfold before you in out winter wonderland.

Two people cross-country skiing in the woods with majestic mountain views
Striding through the woods

Blaze Your Own Trail on Snowshoes

Connect with nature as you put on your snowshoes and explore our hiking trails in the winter. In winter, the Overlander Falls Trail becomes a work of art as the snow falls, covering the lushness in a soundproof cocoon. Rearguard Falls and Cranberry Marsh are excellent areas to explore how seasons change the shape of the landscape. Breathe in the crisp mountain air as you explore the Robson Valley by snowshoe.

Top Ways to Enjoy Your Winter Adventure
  1. Grab the family and your cross-country ski gear and head to Jackman Flats to explore the routes ranging from 1.4 km to 6.2 km.
  2. Tag along with some local skiers and take a moonlight ski along Tête Jaune.
  3. Ten Kilometres of groomed trails await at Camp Creek near the base of Canoe Mountain
  4. Make friends out of strangers while warming up and having lunch in the picnic shelter or at the warming cabin at Camp Creek
  5. Make it a race! Nothing beats a snowshoe race. Give it your all!
  6. Take a family photo featuring your faces flushed from exertion and your smiles bright from adventure
  7. Pack up some supplies and go on an overnight snowshoe trek into the backcountry, staying at either the McKirdy or Clemina cabins, maintained by the Yellowhead Outdoor Recreation Association. There’s also the Hermit Thrush Cabin. The Swift Creek and Dave Henry Lodge are accessed by helicopter.
  8. Ever wonder how breathtaking Mount Robson Provincial Park can be in winter? The Overlander Falls hiking trails become snowshoe routes in winter
  9. Book a scenic heli-snowshoe tour with Robson HeliMagic, taking you up on a guided five-hour trek around Berg Lake.
  10. Stop. Breathe. Meditate. Drink in the majesty of the mountains that surround you and the beauty of life all around.
Need To Know
  • Easy to learn and inexpensive, snowshoeing is perfect for all ages and requires little instruction, while cross-country skiing takes a little practice
  • Cross country ski rentals are available through the Canoe Valley Community Association by calling 250-566-5227
  • Dress warm! Layers work best for skiing and snowshoeing. Peel off a few layers when you’re working hard
  • Wool socks are best — never cotton, especially when you’re heading into deep snow
  • Wear sunglasses and pack sunscreen. Valemount is known for its crystal clear days
  • Bring plenty of water to drink as you’ll dehydrate quickly while working hard, and lots of high-energy snacks
  • Pack it in and pack it out. If you’re bringing food and beverages onto the trails, make sure you take your garbage with you
  • Most cross-country skiing and snowshoeing takes place in a wilderness environment where there is little or no phone connection
  • Never cross country ski or snowshoe alone. Always leave an itinerary with someone and report in upon your return. Plan your trip well in advance
  • Always check the current avalanche bulletin prior to heading out into the snow
  • Remember to bring your camera/video camera. You’ll want to remember every moment of your adventure
  • You can bring your dog to Camp Creek, but they are not permitted on the trails at Jackman Flats

When to Go

  • The cross-country ski and snowshoeing season starts whenever Mother Nature begins dumping snow. Usually, the season begins in December and wraps up in mid-to-late March
Four people snowshoeing next to a river, wearing jewel-tone bright coloured jackets
Group of nordic skiiers sitting around a campfire, roasting marshmallows, beside a trail cabin
Trail cabin
Cross country skiiers setting out on the trail from the cabin, with dogs running in front, in the sunshine
Four people in bright ski clothes racing each other on snowshoes, laughing
Snowshoe racing
Mother helping child balance on nordic skis on trail in the forest
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