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Explore the recreational activities, local attractions, and things to do in Valemount, BC in summer.

Let the Mountains Move you in Summer

Crystal clear blue skies and our gorgeous snow-capped peaks form the backdrop for your epic and unforgettable summer vacation in Valemount. Reel in a rainbow trout, wind through our trails from the saddle of your ATV, or let a horse show you the way—however you decide to travel through our valley, you’re certain to create a memory around every turn.

On the menu of summer adventures, there are more options than there is time. Spend your first day in our valley riding the rapids on the mighty Fraser River and the next winding through our mountain trails on horseback. Pack your binoculars and see if you can spot the golden eagles soaring through our cerulean sky, or grab a pair of hiking poles and traverse the back-country wilderness of Mount Robson Provincial Park. Come for the hiking, the fishing, the ATVing or the mountain biking, but make sure while you’re here to try something new — make this vacation an exceptional one.

Mount Robson Provincial Park

As Mount Robson comes to rest at 3,954 m (12,974 ft)— sometimes in the clear blue sky, and sometimes in the clouds — there is not a soul who passes through this valley without giving reverence to the pinnacle. But what is more impressive than one mountain in this vast range is the parkland that it shelters and the environmental significance it plays in the history of British Columbia and Canada. Mount Robson Provincial Park is the second oldest park in the province and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1990. At the heart of this protected area are the headwaters and the first 100km (62 mi) the largest salmon producing river in the world. The Fraser River begins as an icy trickle here in the park before flowing 1,378km (856 mi) to the Pacific Ocean.

Hiking & Heli-hiking

Snow-capped peaks, glacial outcrops, alpine meadows, raging rivers and misty waterfalls. You’ve just walked right inside a painting, and now it’s up to you to discover what awaits around the next corner. The Valley in the Mountains makes the ideal landing spot for hikers of all skills and fitness levels. Make a week of it, and explore the hundreds of kilometres of trails that wind throughout Mount Robson Provincial Park. Start on the well-traveled paths and work your way up to geography so remarkable it has been written about in guidebooks for generations.

Arrive at the top in style by booking a heli-hiking tour of Berg Lake. Drink in the sights of the Valley of a Thousand Falls, Emperor Falls and Berg and Kinney Lake. Watch in awe as the glaciers calf into the turquoise waters of the lake and, when the sun begins its descent, climb aboard and soar back down the mountain to relive this experience again and again with your family and friends. The ride up makes it easy for hikers of all ages and fitness levels to explore the alpine and appreciate views usually reserved for the most athletic.

White-water Rafting

Don’t wait. Now is the time to climb aboard, grab a paddle and focus. White-water rafting is a thrill, but it’s so much more. When you’re out on the water at the mercy of the mighty Fraser River, that’s all there is — nothing else matters. Out here, the only thing you hear is the deafening roar of the water as it carries you through its wake; the only thing you feel is the icy spray as it hits you in the face and keeps you focused. On this river in the shadow of the magnificent Mount Robson, the only thing you need to think about is what’s around the next corner, and the only thing you need to feel is alive.


Whether your hobby runs to fly fishing, trolling or spin casting — or maybe all three — this area has more fishing holes than could ever be reached in a single visit. Sit back in your boat all lazy-like and watch the bobber float, but don’t let the gentle waves lull you to sleep, and don’t let those easy mountain breezes dull your senses. Wait for it (you won’t wait long), feel the tug on the line and haul in your first fighter. Fish your limit today and come back tomorrow and do it all over again.


Paddle through winding channels in a wildlife sanctuary, or sun yourself on warm rocks before jumping into calm pools in a cool river — welcome to your happy place! Some of us are land-dwellers and with the mountains and trails surrounding Valemount, BC, that’s just fine. Whether you’re more at home in a canoe or a kayak, or your favourite ride runs on fuel, there are no shortage of lakes, creeks and rivers to explore. And make sure to pack a swimsuit, because our long summer days heat up and you might be compelled to take a dip.

Mountain Biking

Some call it mountain biking, but here in the Robson Valley we just call it biking and we’ve been doing it long before it became one of the fastest growing sports in North America. This village was made for mountain bikers. Play it safe and wind your way through lower valley trails, bumping over roots and making easy, forested descents, or crank your legs and go up. Think you’ve got what it takes to climb Canoe Mountain? Even in granny gear it’s a heinous climb, but the view from the top and the ride back down is worth every bead of sweat, every knotted muscle, every blister you earned en route to the summit.


Contrary to popular belief ATVing isn’t about how much noise you can make or dirt you can throw. In winter when there are metres of snow, we hunt for views from the saddle of a snowmobile. In summer, we trade in the sled for a quad and just keep going. Waterfalls, glacial lakes, mountain meadows — natural, undisturbed beauty is what we’re after and in Valemount we’re never disappointed. Hundreds of kilometres of forest service roads allow access into landscapes that, for most people, only exist in the pages of magazines.


Lush forests form a frame around Valemount Pines Golf and RV Park, creating a quaint course ideally suited for hosting a company golf tournament, a family reunion or even a wedding. In spring it’s possible to snowmobile in the morning and golf in the afternoon — an ideal day by some standards.

Horseback Riding

In the Valley of the Mountains we hike, we bike, we fish and we paddle, but some argue best way to get around in our natural wilderness is with the help of an equine companion. If the saddle is your second home, bring your own mount to our valley and explore our vast and varied trail networks, or board at a local ranch and register in any number of horsemanship training camps and clinics. If horseback riding is something you’ve always wanted to do and have never had the opportunity, you’ve come to the right place. Book a guided tour, spend an afternoon or camp out on an overnight tour.


Watch as brilliant sunsets give way to mystic twilights. Hear your own laughter as it reverberates through the deep cedar, hemlock and pine forests surrounding Valemount, and know that these are the good times — these are the golden years. Rekindle your love of nature here in our backyard and witness the creation of those memories in your own children. When you camp in Valemount, the only distractions are the ones Mother Nature so carefully prepared and she’s been eagerly awaiting your arrival.

Wildlife Adventures

Undisturbed wilderness and vast stretches of protected parkland make Valemount and the Robson Valley a haven for naturalists. Waterfowl course through our protected marshes, moose, elk and caribou raise their young in our forests, and birds of prey circle through the cerulean sky above. Whether you come to Valemount, binoculars in hand, with the desire to view wildlife in its natural habitat, or you stumble upon it while hiking our numerous trails, you will find it, you will live within it, and we’d ask that you care for it and treat it with the same reverence and respect that we do.

Summer Events

Come for the mountains, stay for the party – at any of our signature events. 2014 marks the 35th anniversary of Valemountain Days, our annual salute to summer with all the parades, pageants, barbecue competitions and bouncy castles you’d expect. Make sure to pack your cowboy hat when you visit us for the Canoe Mountain Rodeo in July. Cowboys and cowgirls from throughout the region compete in barrels, bull riding, bareback and more. In August, the Mud Races return to the Rodeo Grounds. Decibel levels are intense as the trucks tear into the track, shattering the peace of the valley for one intense and unforgettable weekend. Feel the music when you come in August for the Robson Valley Music Festival. The 10th anniversary of the multi-genre, grassroots event is suitable for any music lover, young or old.