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Our Story

Welcome to Valemount,  a wonderland for outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers and explorers of all types. Stop for a moment and drink in the beauty of the blue skies and jagged peaks that make-up your next adventure here.

Let the Mountains Move You – The Valemount Story

You’ll find us between Edmonton and Vancouver in the North Thompson Valley. Valemount is the perfect place to stay for those who love outdoor adventure. Mount Robson is in our backyard and it’s the tallest peak in the Canadian Rockies. There are two ways to get to the summit of Mount Robson: hike or catch a ride on a helicopter.

In the summer, it’s an enjoyable downhill trek. Berg Lake Trail is a nature lovers paradise. Enjoy the pristine glacial lakes, rope bridges, wildlife and the Valley of a Thousand Falls. In the winter enjoy heli-skiing throughout Mount Robson Provincial Park as well as the Monashee and Cariboo Mountains. The headwaters of the mighty Fraser River begins right here.

Majestic mountains, hiking near Valemount
Majestic mountains

Winter in Valemount

Bundle up and explore our valley, marshes and mountains. Heli-skiing on our mountains is an experience of a lifetime, and should not be missed. There are other adventures to be had. Take a Snowcat up Mica Mountain, mush a dog sled team, snowboard on Crystal Ridge, snowshoe and cross-country ski, go skating at Cranberry Marsh or explore the backcountry by snowmobile.

Summer in Valemount

Summer is a time for celebration and getting out and connecting with others. The Canoe Mountain Rodeo and Valemountain Days are a great way to get to know our story and the people here. For a quieter day, spend your time chatting with our artists, attending our small farmers’ market or exploring our quaint town.

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Get away from it all and rent a pontoon boat, go fishing, get in a round of golf, or explore by horseback or ATV. Nature surrounds us and there is plenty of bird watching, hiking, and biking to fill your days. Please pack out what you pack in. Also, check the wildfire status in our area before venturing out into the back country.

Snowmobiling with views of mountains and lakes
The best snowmobiling

Meet the Locals

Valemount invites you to come and explore our community and meet the locals. With a population of 1020 you’ll find we are a strong and eclectic bunch, from artists to back country experts, from farmers to white water rafters. Not sure where to go or what to do? Contact the local Visitor Centre or ask any local in one of our coffee shops or restaurants, or exploring our quaint town.

There are some locals we’d rather you didn’t approach, and that’s our wildlife. Be bear aware and make sure you plan ahead for your visit.

Our History 

Valemount was created by nature and shaped by First Nations people and the pioneers who survived and thrived here. The nomadic Texqakalit First Nation called Mount Robson “Yuh-hai-has-kun” or “the mountain of the spiral road,” because of its many layers. One of our more famous guides, was a blonde Metis, Pierre Bostonnais. His nickname was Tete Jaune (French for yellow head). You’ll find this name throughout our landscape as the namesake for the Yellowhead Highway as well as Tete Jaune Cache.

Today the area is home to the Simpcw, part of the Secwepemc, or Shuswap. Their traditional territory covers approximately 5,000,000 Ha in the North Thompson region, including Valemount. There are many band members here who are direct descendants of those who lived here in the winter villages.

This is Valemount’s past and present. It is our story, and we are proud of it. Come visit, ask us questions and experience the splendour of Valemount, British Columbia.

Top Ways to Let the Mountains Move You All Year Round
  1. Hike the Berg Lake Trail in Mount Robson Provincial Park — one of the most famous and popular trails in the country, you’ll meet visitors from across the globe on your journey
  2. Come for the sledding! Valemount is known for its sunny weather and deep, powdery snow. Experienced riders can head high into the alpine, while there is ample, view-filled terrain at lower-elevations for the beginners as well
  3. Ride the rapids! Book a white-water adventure and high-five strangers after completing a circuit of insane rapids
  4. Book a heli-hiking tour, fly to Berg Lake and spend the rest of the day stretching your legs and breathing in that alpine air
  5. Spend the day winding through the channels in your canoe or kayak and paddle deeper and deeper into the heart of the Cranberry Marsh which is an important stop for waterfowl on their migration routes.
  6. Reserve a campsite and spend your holiday discovering the songs of the 182 species of birds that call the area home.
  7. Camp at Kinbasket and let your ATVing days be as leisurely as you like, as the staging area is the ideal starting point for dozens of epic adventures, including boating and fishing
  8. Spend the day exploring the forests and valleys of Valemount on horseback and get in the saddle
  9. Rev to the summit! The Canoe Mountain trail is one of the highest ATV adventures in North America. With a peak elevation of 2,621 m it is a must-do adventure!
  10. Spend a Thursday afternoon in July or August at the Farmer’s Market, pick up some local produce for supper as well as beautiful, hand-made gifts
  11. Bring your own camping gear and spend the night in an authentic teepee at Tete Jeune Lodge, Campground & RV Park
  12. Get a group together and book the 60-Minute Musher tour
  13. Sign up for a guided single or multi-day sledding excursion — in summer, try the ATV tour or the Jeep tour!
  14. Head up to Crystal Ridge and give Powerboarding a try at the world’s only sled assisted ski/snowboarding hill
  15. Reserve a seat with Cariboo Snowcat Skiing and head up Mica Mountain where you’ll spend the day exploring extreme powder
  16. Register for Powder University and perfect your powder skills on your multi-day adventure in the Cariboo Mountains
  17. Get some practice on the driving range, or get a group together and plan a tournament at Valemount Pines Golf and RV Park
  18. Book a evening float along the Fraser River, and watch birds of prey, see a momma bear and her cub carefully walk to the water’s edge and catch the wind in your hair as it skates through the deep, dark woods that lean precariously close to the Fraser River.
  19. Grab the family and your cross-country ski gear and head to Jackman Flats (link to maps) to explore the routes ranging from 1.4 km to 6.2 km.
  20. Book a scenic heli-snowshoe tour, taking you up on a guided five-hour trek around Berg Lake.
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Friendly locals
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Valemount entrance structure
Proud Valemount
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