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White-Water Rafting

Scream, laugh, and shout as you ride the Class III rapids of the mighty Fraser River near Valemount.

Ride the Rapids

Climb aboard, grab a paddle, focus and get ready for the biggest adrenaline rush of your life! When you’re out on the water at the mercy of the mighty Fraser River, that’s all there is — nothing else matters. The deafening roar of the water fills your ears as it carries you through its wake. Feel the icy spray as it hits you in your face and keeps you focused. On this river in the shadow of the magnificent Mount Robson, the only thing you need to think about is what’s around the next corner. The only thing you need to feel is alive.

The thrill of white water rafting - group on river having fun
Thrill a minute

Thrill of a Lifetime

Scream, shout or laugh hysterically — no one will hear you over the roar of the river. Besides your raft mates are doing the same thing. White-water rafting is nature’s water coaster. Turns, dips and boulders keep you on high alert. When you get back to shore, take a deep breath and decide if you want to go again. Ridge everything from Class I to wild Class III rapids. For even bigger thrills, give the Beaver River a go. It offers the only Class V rapids in the region. That means big, gnarly, technical rapids that are super fast. With more than seven named rapids on this run, it is considered a must-ride for adrenaline seekers.

Float Your Boat

Look around. This is the mighty Fraser River, the heart of this delicate ecosystem, that brings life and sustenance to all. When you are shouting with glee, take time to notice the birds of prey or a mamma bear and her cub drinking from the rivers’ edge. Inhale earthy scents as the wind flows through your hair on it’s way to the the deep woods along the river. When the river opens up you’ll see the Cariboo Mountains and the Canadian Rockies. Listen closely as your guides tell you about this place and its history. They’ll bring you back to a time when it was the only thing that mattered to the first settlers.

Top Ways to Ride the River
  1. Book a day-long adventure with Mount Robson White-water Rafting. Spend the morning floating lazily downriver before conquering the rapids in the afternoon
  2. Cross the Beaver River off your bucket list and ride the only Class IV rapid in the region with Stellar Descents
  3. Bring the whole family along and book an evening float, which is the best time of day to catch a glimpse of local wildlife
  4. Crash through huge waves on the mighty Fraser and sail high over the Ejector — a Class III rapid
  5. Once you’ve made it to the end of the run, drink in the view of Rearguard Falls — one of only two true waterfalls on the Fraser River
  6. During the salmon run the bald eagles and the hawks are more plentiful look for them as they sit perched high above, waiting for dinner to swim by
  7. You’ve earned it — take a swim. The ride is over, but the fun can still continue with a chilly dip in a calm pool
  8. This is the end of an epic journey for Chinook salmon. Book your tour from mid-August to early September and watch those magnificent fish as they try to ascend Rearguard Falls
  9. Discover the area’s unique history with the help of the skilled interpretive guides
  10. Don’t forget to bring back some photos. You’ll be too busy negotiating the rapids so purchase photos from tour providers
Need To Know
  • Both Stellar Descents and Mt Robson White-water Rafting offer guided river floats and white-water rafting tours on the Fraser River
  • White-water rafting is a sport with inherent risks. Learn the risks before heading out for a tour
  • Bring a swimsuit, warm clothes and a towel
  • Wear sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat
  • Bring a camera for the float tours, but not for the white-water tours
  • Give wildlife space and never feed the wildlife

When to Go

  • Our white water season starts in late-May and lasts through the Labour Day long weekend in September
  • For the ultimate white-water adrenaline rush, come when the river is running high in mid-May to mid-July
  • If you are travelling with kids, water levels in mid-July to early September are more suitable
Passengers and guide on river raft on a gentle ride
Gentle rides available
Group on raft in white water having lots of fun
Fun for all
Group carrying their raft out of the water, portaging
Gorgeous scene of turquoise river with rafts and Mount Robson in the background
We did it! Group of rafters standing in raft, celebrating their success in navigating the white waters
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