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Ice Skating

Take a deep breath of that cool, crisp, mountain air and drink in this truly Canadian experience — open air ice skating

Glide on the ice

Pond skating is something we love to do in Valemount. It’s even more fun when visitors join us. With the blue skies above and the icy surface of Cranberry Marsh below it’s time for some outdoor fun! Grab a stick, make a team and start a good old-fashioned game of pond hockey. Pack a lunch and a thermos full of a hot beverage to keep you warm.

Father and two children with family dog, skating on frozen lake
Frozen lakes

Pond skating at Cranberry Marsh

Take a spin on the ice, carve a figure eight or teach family members how to skate. Best access for skating is off of McKirdy Road at the kayak/canoe launch area. The quiet calm and serenity offered by the snow capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains above, set the mood for the day. Thank you for packing in and packing out, and leaving no trace! *If skating around the channels please note ice thickness can fluctuate and it is advised to stay closer to the boat launch area.

Top Ways to Enjoy Your Ice Skating Adventure

  1. Head out to Cranberry Marsh and join in a game of pond hockey
  2. Skate through the meandering channels of the marsh
  3. Bring binoculars and seek out the birds that call the marsh home in winter
  4. Have lunch surrounded by the stunning scenery of Cranberry Marsh
  5. Take the family to public skating at the Canoe Valley Recreation Centre.

Need To Know

  • Pond skating is easy to learn and perfect for all ages and fitness levels
  • Dress warm! Layers work best. Peel off a few layers when you’re playing hard
  • Bring skates as skating rentals are not available
  • Safety first! Always wear a helmet to prevent injury, and when playing hockey bring along appropriate padding and gear
  • For outdoor ice-skating weather conditions vary. Always proceed with caution and check with area locals before heading out to ensure ice depth is safe for skating
  • Bring plenty of water to drink as you’ll dehydrate quickly while working hard, and lots of high-energy snacks
  • Pack it in and pack it out. If you’re bringing food and beverages, make sure you take your garbage with you. Help preserve the natural habitat of the marsh
  • Remember to bring your camera/video camera. You’ll want to remember every moment of your adventure!

When to Go

  • Our outdoor skating season begins as soon as ice reaches the desired thickness for safety, which is entirely weather dependent.
  • Check with the locals to find out conditions on the marsh
Cute golden retriever dog on the ice with skating family
Family skating with their dog on the frozen lake
Family fun time
Family building an igloo
Build an igloo
Warming up by the fire, in the snow, mother and toddler and family dog in the sunshine
Warm up
Two young children and their parents skating on the frozen lake
Learn to skate