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Deep powder, blue skies and all right in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. Valemount, BC is ideal for planning your once-in-a-lifetime winter vacation.

Let the Mountains Move you in Winter

From first explorers to modern day adventurers those of us who live in the valley have long looked to the mountains — Rockies, Monashees, Cariboos — and wondered just how high we could reach and how far we could go. Whether your ideal winter vacation involves launching yourself down a mountain in search of the freshest, deepest powder, or cutting figure eights into a frozen pond, we have it all right here in Valemount. And we have snow — oceans of it. The snow starts falling in November and keeps falling until mid-April and beyond. With an average base of 1,400 centimetres (46 feet) at 1,800 metres, we have — without question — some of the best terrain for winter sports in the country. So get out, let the mountains move you. Your nose might tingle from the cold and your muscles might be stiff from your adventures, but we know you’ll keep coming back for more.


At the foot of the Monashees and in sight of the towering Canadian Rockies — we offer miles and miles of expertly managed sledding terrain. The best place to ride in the world? We think so. All the elements for spectacular riding line up perfectly in Valemount. A metre of snow can fall overnight and dawn will break with crystal clear, blue skies creating conditions unrivalled in North America. There are four managed snowmobile riding areas, but to get a true taste of the sheer scope of the area, book a guide. Get out into the back country and feel what free riding is really like.

Powerboarding at Crystal Ridge

We’re home to the world’s only sled-assisted ski hill, Crystal Ridge, where you can race to the top of the mountain with your skis or snowboard strapped to your sled and launch yourself back down through some of the best powder in the country. The Ridge has six runs and a vertical drop of approximately 670 metres (2,200 feet), so hang on!


Sure, mountains are pretty to look at, but they’re even more fun to ride. To truly comprehend the beauty of this place (and to find the best powder) one has to go up. You’ll need a pair of fat skis and a ride — either on a Snowcat or in a helicopter. The Snowcat prowls up the side of Mica Mountain, granting you access to open bowls and naturally gladed slopes for your 300 to 900 vertical metre (1,000 to 3,000 feet) run back down. To get even higher, however, you’ll need to grow wings and fly straight up into the heart of the Cariboo Mountain Range.

Cross-Country Skiing/Snowshoeing

Some of us are adrenaline hunters while others search for peace and tranquility. If your ideal vacation is one you come back from relaxed and rejuvenated, experience cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in Valemount. Head along the Robson River to Overlander Falls and unearth the beauty of the old-growth forests in winter as lower elevation summer hiking trails convert to scenic snowshoe paths once the snow begins to fall.

Ice Skating

Drink in this truly Canadian experience — open air ice-skating. With blue skies above and the smooth surface of Cranberry Marsh below, pond skating is something we cherish in Valemount, and it’s even more fun when visitors get involved. Grab a stick, make a team and start a good, old-fashioned game of pond hockey. Take a spin on the oval or wind through the meandering channels of the Starratt Wildlife Sanctuary with your binoculars close at hand.

Dog sledding

“Mush!” People from across the globe travel thousands of miles to go dog sledding. In Valemount, this once-in-a-lifetime encounter is right outside our door. Dog sledding captures your imagination forcing you to think back to a time when man and beast relied on one another and their cool wits to survive.